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Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Anaheim

Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Anaheim

Finding reliable alcohol outpatient treatment in Anaheim is vital when dealing with mild or moderate alcohol addiction. At Star Recovery Centers, we know that alcoholism is a fast-progressing disorder with severe long-term implications. The only way to prevent its dangers is by joining a reliable outpatient program as early as possible.

Treat alcohol addiction early!

Early treatment is essential when discussing any form of addiction. In particular, substance addiction is more dangerous than other forms because it has drastic long-term physical, mental, emotional, social, and even legal repercussions. It can change your behavior, cause emotional imbalances, and affect your relationships with the people around you.

Early treatment is key, considering its long-term effectiveness. Undergoing outpatient treatment in addiction’s early stages can prevent the need for detox since the withdrawal is only mild and manageable. To determine where you stand, you need to contact our experts today for an assessment and diagnosis. They will assess your condition, determine your addiction’s severity, diagnose any potential co-occurring disorders, and recommend a personalized treatment plan to go into effect immediately.

What is an outpatient rehab program?

An outpatient program is a step-down form of treatment, creating a bridge between inpatient care and clean, independent life. It only relies on several therapy sessions and treatment sessions per week, and it is ideal for people struggling with mild-to-moderate addiction. It is also the treatment option of choice for individuals with daily school and job-related obligations or who can’t afford inpatient treatment financially.

Compared to the inpatient program, our alcohol outpatient treatment in Anaheim relies on less intensive care and more social reintegration programs in a supportive and relaxing environment. You will attend to your daily obligations and remain next to the people you love throughout the treatment, which will contribute to your recovery significantly.

The best treatment for alcoholism

Alcoholism is a progressive and chronic condition, which requires a lifetime of maintenance and relapse prevention management. Most people develop co-occurring disorders due to prolonged alcohol addiction, aside from losing their jobs, income, family support, and freedom. We believe that the ideal rehabilitation protocol should rely on a structured recovery system and provide:

  • Detoxification and dual diagnosis treatment to cleanse the body and mind and diminish the withdrawal symptoms
  • Inpatient care (30, 60, 90 days or more) for immediate recovery and long-term relapse prevention
  • Outpatient treatment, promoting peer support and offering guidance and personal development counseling
  • Dual diagnosis treatment relying on medication and therapy to manage co-occurring disorders
  • Aftercare program functioning as a long-term support program for recovering addicts and more

This is the only system that provides the best and most sustainable results over the years. If you wish to know more about our alcohol outpatient treatment in Anaheim, feel free to contact us online or via the phone today! At Star Recovery Centers, we offer support, medical and psychiatric assistance, and long-term guidance and aftercare for sustainable sobriety over the years. Call our center, come in for assessment and diagnosis, and take your life into your own hands.

Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Anaheim

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Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Anaheim Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Anaheim
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