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Bridgeway Sober Living is the leading, safe, and serene Austin recovery home. Our friendly, experienced, and compassionate staff guide our clients to stay on track in their recovery and maintenance of firm self-reliance sobriety. We believe there's life after addiction treatment, and it starts here at our professional facility.

What’s a recovery home?

Recovery homes refer to a secure, healthy, drug-free, and alcohol-free living environment that supports those recovering from substance abuse. Recovery houses vary widely in structures. Still, they all focus on peer poise and a network to services that work for long-term recovery and sobriety. The recovery environment is beneficial to an individual since it reinforces a substance-free lifestyle. It offers direct connections to other individuals in the recovery journey, recovery services, and comprehensive support.

A recovery home allows residents to live in the facility generally during outpatient addiction treatment or after completing the inpatient addiction treatment. There's no limited time to stay in a recovery home, which means a resident can stay for several months or years, depending on self-determination. Professional homes like ours operate under the leadership of the house manager. This is to encourage the residents to engage in recovery programs like 12-step meetings plus other conjoint help groups. Residents often live in private rooms, share resources, and give accurate advice about:

  • Finding employment
  • Budgeting and managing finances
  • Accessing social services and health care
  • Handling legal issues
  • Building life skills and more

Importance of recovery houses

Without the availability of safe, flexible, and supportive recovery housing options, individuals are less likely to recover from addiction and more likely to encounter relapse risk. This results in extended issues that give a turn to their well-being, families, and the community. These issues include:

  • Higher risk for entanglement with law enforcement and incarceration
  • Higher health care cost resulting from unaddressed substance abuse
  • Inability to secure or maintain employment and more

You or your loved one wants to enroll in a recovery housing, but you don't know where to go. If you join our Austin recovery home, you'll get numerous benefits which include:

  • Mitigate the probability of relapse
  • Lower rates of incarceration
  • Improved family and relationship functioning
  • Obtain and maintain employment and more

Unmatched recovery environment

We pride ourselves on providing secure, serene, and unparalleled transitional services to the individuals continuing with their recovery process. Our experts realize how challenging it can be to maintain sobriety after inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment due to unsupportive environments.

We focus on providing supportive and sober housing to help you achieve long-term recovery. Our team of experienced, friendly, and compassionate staff works hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure they get firm independent sobriety.

Join a prime recovery housing

If you’ve been in search of a secure, supportive and holistic sanctuaries, we’re the outstanding Austin recovery home you’ve been looking for. We’ve got the knowledge and support you need to accomplish your sobriety objective.

Don’t leave an addiction treatment center and go back home. You’ll be risking the reoccurrence of substance abuse. Contact Bridgeway Sober Living today; we’ve got the help you need.     

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