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Welcome to Bridgeway Sober Living, the leader in Austin sober living homes. If you or a loved one is in need of drug and alcohol rehab aftercare services, give us a call. Our passion is aiding our residents in achieving lasting sobriety, soundness of mind, and inner peace. We like to help our residents become the best versions of themselves through TLC, compassion, and accountability. If you are interested in learning more about Brdigeway Sober Living, continue to read on our website or give us a call directly.

Start the Intake Process

Whether you are calling on behalf of yourself or a loved one, all of our new residents must go through the intake process. That's where it all starts. The intake process allows us to get to know each other. During the intake process, we will ask a bunch of questions so that we can formulate the best possible treatment plan for the resident. We also use this process to determine if the program applicant is a viable candidate for our sober living homes.

What We Look for in New Residents

Unfortunately, we have not been able to approve every application for sober living tenants that we have received. Trust us; we want to help everyone. The problem is that we have limited resources, and sometimes, we just don't have the space to house a new resident because we are full. When this happens, we can most often provide recommendations to other facilities or even help you make other sober living arrangements.

Other times, we have had to say no to people who we deemed to be not ready for our program. When a prospective new resident comes to us, we evaluate their attitude, their current state of sobriety, and other factors to determine if the person would be a good candidate for our program.

We Want All of Our Residents to Succeed

Residents who are admitted into Bridgeway Sober Living will experience more and more freedom over time. The first 30 days are typically the most restrictive, as all of our new residents are subject to the Case Management Program, in which we closely evaluate and monitor each new resident to see how they fit in and if they are working their recovery program. New residents will be expected to find jobs if they don't have one already, and they will be expected to attend recovery meetings and to find a sponsor. What we are really looking for during this period is to see if the new resident is serious about recovery.

Over time, residents gain more leisure to do what they want. Our goal is not to stifle anyone's freedom. Our goal is to set up all of our residents for success. There is going to come a time when each resident leaves our program and goes out into the world by themselves. When a new resident arrives, the care that we provide is as for a baby - someone who is new to sobriety and recovery. People in this stage tend to need more guidance, personal care, and frankly, more babysitting. As a person progresses in their recovery, they mature into "adults" in terms of their sobriety and recovery, and they can stand on their own two feet.

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