Austin Sober Living Program

Going through the rehab process can be a challenging experience. If you want lasting results, you may need to seek treatment at an inpatient facility. The intensive treatment gives you the tools you need to succeed with your recovery. The best way to ensure success and prevent relapse is by spending a transition period at a sober house. An Austin sober living program offers you the opportunity to learn how to live outside of rehab so you can get back to your life.

What is Sober Living?

An Austin sober living program provides you with a safe place to live while you transition back to your regular life. A sober living house is a place where several or more people with similar needs live in a small, home setting before you go back to your personal house. A sober house has fewer rules than the rehab center but offers you a protected place to get used to living in a new and healthier way. You will be able to protect your sobriety over a long period.  

Austin Sober Living Program

At Bridgeway Sober Living, we offer the best Austin sober living program for those who are leaving inpatient rehab. This in-between period is the ideal way to enhance and secure the treatment that you already received. At Bridgeway Sober Living, we offer programs that will meet your specific needs. We include a variety of treatments to improve your overall health and wellbeing, such as fitness and other programs. We help you integrate slowly into everyday life again, stably and methodically.

How Can A Sober Living Program Help?

Our Austin sober living program will assist you as you transition into everyday life. We have years of experience providing the support and security you need to get you through this evolution. You have come a long way already, and you don’t want to risk your progress by jumping back into your life too quickly. We offer sober living programs for both men and women. We have homes in the city of Austin, so you will be close to the places that will help you learn to fit back into society.

Call Bridgeway Sober Living

Bridgeway Sober Living provides excellent accommodations with expert staff members to assist you along the way. You will have many more freedoms than you did during inpatient treatment. At the same time, we help oversee your transition to make it comfortable and stress-free. A sober living house is the best way to reinforce the things you learned during your rehab stay. You will gain the confidence to move forward without fearing a setback. Our team is dedicated to helping you with your ongoing rehab process. We have years of experience working with people just like you, to help you succeed with your addiction recovery. We are among the leading sober houses, and we are proud to provide you with the support you need as you face the next challenge in your path towards healing. Contact us today to learn more about our Austin sober living program.



Austin Sober Living Program
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Austin Sober Living Program
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