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Are you looking for Austin structured sober living for either yourself or a loved one? If so, you've come to the right place. Bridgeway Sober Living is the number one choice for sober living in Austin. With multiple sober living houses and some of the most caring and helpful staff, we are helping people to get sober and stay sober, and our rent is very affordable, especially when compared to some of the other sober living environments in Austin! We encourage you to contact us today if you would like to speak with an addiction specialist today and learn more about our facilities and our programs.

Why is Structured Sober Living Important?

Upon completion of drug and alcohol rehab, a person needs to maintain the structure that has helped them to get sober in the first place. Time after time, people finish drug and alcohol rehab only to be released back into the same environment that either caused or contributed to their substance abuse and addiction. Structured sober living allows the person who is finishing drug and alcohol rehab to transition back to total independence in a smooth and controlled manner.

Not to compare people in rehab to criminal offenders, but you can think of it in the same light. Just as people who are incarcerated benefit from work release programs that allow them to integrate slowly back into society (so they are not completely overwhelmed and shocked upon sudden release), the same can tbe said of Austin structured sober living houses. After being separated, sheltered, and protected from harm's way for 30 to 90 days while in drug and alcohol rehab, being suddenly released back into the real world with little-to-no support or structure can be a recipe for disaster.

What is Structured Sober Living?

To be clear; each sober living house in Austin is run differently. Each one has its own set of rules and policies. At Bridgeway Sober Living, we have a specific way of helping people achieve sobriety with structured living. For example, when a person comes into one of our sober living houses, they will be automatically enrolled in the Case Management Program, during which they will be under more rules, scrutiny, and supervision. This is a critical period where the person begins to transition back to independence, and they are especially vulnerable to relapse.

Following the 30-day Case Management Program, our residents will gain more independence and more trust from our staff. They can stay out until midnight every night, so long as they are doing what they are supposed to. Drug and alcohol programs only work if you work them, so we want to see our residents working their recovery program. This means going to meetings, getting a job, and being responsible.

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If you or someone you love could benefit from Austin structured sober living, give Bridgeway Sober Living a call. We're here to help. Let us explain to you how our process works and what you can expect while you are a resident in our sober living houses.

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