Drug Rehab Riverside

Drug Rehab Riverside

Drug Rehab Riverside

Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery is one of the best riverside drug rehabs with a vision to educate, support, and guide individuals on the path to addiction recovery. Meet the all-star team of passionate professionals behind our success.


Gary is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with an M.S. in Counseling Psychology and over two decades of experience in addiction treatment. A large part of his experience also extends to working with addicts and their families. Gary believes that issues that affect the individual often impact the family in the long run. As such, he devotes a lot of his time to adolescents who are struggling with varying issues. Gary's approach is to get as many family members as possible involved in the process while reinforcing the family dynamics.


We have shaped the direction of addiction treatment in Riverside, CA, because of our community-focused approach to addiction treatment, all thanks to our CEO, Jessica Clark. Jessica is a native of Riverside, Ca, and her devotion to her community is evident in her volunteer and speaking engagements since she was eight years old.

Jessica has a first-hand experience of the dangers of addiction, having had addicts as parents. Her experience played a key role in her decision to offer substance abuse services in Riverside, California. She is not only compassionate about assisting people struggling with addiction, but she also has some training in that field. Jessica currently holds a degree in Human Services with an emphasis on addiction, and she intends to pursue higher levels of education.


Rodney Clark is a co-founder of Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery. He is one reason why our rehab gets respect from other Riverside drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers. Rodney has a checkered past. Having to cope with an unhealthy environment and unstable relationships spurred his interest in working with at-risk youth since it is a situation he understands. He currently works closely with Sigma Beta Xi on the Positive Youth Justice Initiative.


Lisa Molina is also one of our co-founders. Lisa also has a first-hand experience of addiction. She became pregnant while addicted to heroin in 1990 but was able to complete treatment successfully and gave birth to a healthy daughter. That daughter is the CEO of Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery. Lisa is a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor II in addition to her certification as a Relapse Prevention Specialist since 2003. She currently works as the Operations Manager for the best place for alcohol and drug treatment in Riverside.

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Solid Ground Wellness in Recovery has been the go-to treatment center for many residents of Riverside and its environs for the past 26 years. We are proud to have positively influenced countless lives in that period. Our approach to addiction treatment addresses every patient as a unique individual, and our experts spare no cost to unravel each person's specific needs. Contact us today to get professional help or verify your insurance now.


Drug Rehab Riverside

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Drug Rehab Riverside Drug Rehab Riverside
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