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We are all privileged to have so many choices for inpatient rehab in Austin, TX. In Austin, you can find some of the country's best free inpatient rehabs, high-end luxury rehabs, and all of the rehabs in-between. Further, outside of Phoenix, AZ, Austin is reputed for having excellent rehab facilities, programs, and addiction specialists. That is why people come from all over to Austin to get treatment.

The staff of any given rehab center is the most integral part of it because a facility can only be as good as the people who run it. For this reason, we encourage you to find an inpatient rehab that is run by people who care, to give yourself the best chance of getting clean and staying clean.

There are Inpatient Rehabs in Austin, TX that Offer Detox Services

For most people who need immediate drug and alcohol intervention and treatment, inpatient rehab is highly recommended. Most inpatient rehab centers have medical detox facilities in-house, or they partner with a hospital or another rehab that offers adequate detox services. Not everyone who enters an inpatient treatment center in Austin, TX is going to require a medical detox, but individuals who have become addicted to hard substances will.

The benefit of having an inpatient rehab center that offers both detox and inpatient treatment is that the patient can transition seamlessly into the inpatient program immediately following detox or even begin their program while they are still detoxing. Also, such facilities protect patients from the dreaded symptoms of withdrawal.

From Inpatient Rehab to Outpatient and Sober Living

Any true addiction treatment specialist will tell you that inpatient rehab is a critical first step for most people to get clean and sober. However, getting clean and sober is only the first step in the thousand-mile journey of recovery. While it takes a lot of courage and will power to enter into residential rehab, it's easy for anyone to stay clean while they are admitted, inpatient. The real test comes when the patient graduates from rehab, and they have to go back out into the real world.

Indeed, there are seemingly countless inpatient rehabs for drug and alcohol treatment in Austin, TX, which is a great thing for our community! Many of these facilities are highly reviewed and highly recommended. They offer comprehensive addiction treatment services, often starting with detox, then inpatient, then some sort of outpatient program, depending on the needs and availability of the patient. However, 82% of all drug and alcohol rehab graduates will relapse within two years, according to national statistics, most of them relapsing within the first 90 days!

Bridgeway Sober Living Provides Continued Care

Bridgeway Sober Living provides sober living housing for people who have graduated rehab and are serious about staying clean and sober. Releasing a patient back into the environment that they had to be rescued from is usually a recipe for relapse, sooner than later. Bridgeway Sober Living integrates with your current treatment plan, including outpatient services, group therapy, and other services. Give us a call today to learn more or keep reading on our website.

Inpatient Rehab Austin Tx
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Inpatient Rehab Austin Tx
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Inpatient Rehab Austin Tx Inpatient Rehab Austin Tx
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