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Medication Assisted Treatment garland tx

Medication Assisted Treatment garland tx

Overcoming addiction isn’t merely an issue of willpower. Substance addiction is a disorder of both the body and the mind, requiring several rehab treatment approaches. At Ascendus Behavioral Health, we rely on medication-assisted treatment in Garland, TX, to counter the withdrawal and help people manage their co-occurring disorders effectively.

What medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is and what it does

MAT refers to a medication protocol useful both as a short-term withdrawal management tool during inpatient treatment and outpatient programs for long-term stability. Most addiction victims often develop co-occurring disorders due to their addictions, requiring intensive care and medication to cope with both conditions. Many others resort to drug or alcohol abuse to manage their pre-existent co-occurring mental issues.

Our MAT is a key tool in both scenarios since it allows our professionals to target addiction’s causes and help people rehabilitate faster and safer. At our outpatient center, we rely on MAT to:

  • Inhibit cravings and prevent relapse in the long run
  • Minimize the symptoms of chronic mental disorders
  • Help patients counter their negative and harmful thinking patterns and behavior

MAT’s specifics, duration, and intensity may vary from one case to another. For reliable and customized medication-assisted treatment, we recommend coming to our facility soon for clinical assessment and treatment planning.

How to cope with withdrawal and relapse

If you’re experiencing severe addiction, completing the inpatient program is a crucial first step towards full recovery. But that’s only part of your successful rehabilitation story. The other part involves relying on a potent outpatient program, providing long-term support and guidance in a more open and comfortable recovery environment.

Our outpatient program offers medication-assisted treatment in Garland, TX, to cope with withdrawal and long-term risks of relapse effectively. Our professionals will create the ideal recovery environment, allowing you to further your sobriety goals via medication management, peer support, personal development, and growth. These three things form the foundation of our outpatient program, where people recover at their own pace in the comfort of their homes.

The benefits of outpatient rehab

The primary benefits of our outpatient rehab program include:

  • Promoting a more affordable, less intensive form of treatment
  • Only nine hours of treatment per week involving therapy, group meetings, counseling, medication assistance, etc.
  • Helps people grow more socially active and interact with other active or former patients
  • Promote bonding, healing, and stability through an active, helpful, and empathetic community
  • Involve the patient’s family in the recovery process
  • Offer medication-assisted treatment in Garland, TX, for coping with co-occurring disorders, etc.

Outpatient treatment is a key component of the rehabilitation process, allowing people to recover and sober up while living at home throughout the program. It is a practical approach to rehab since it promotes self-sufficiency and independence, giving people strength and confidence in themselves.

You can contact Ascendus Behavioral Health right away if you wish to speak with a rehab professional and ask for additional info about our rehab programs. Reach out to our rehab team, and we can set an appointment today!

Medication Assisted Treatment garland tx
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Medication Assisted Treatment garland tx
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Medication Assisted Treatment garland tx Medication Assisted Treatment garland tx
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