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Mental Health Services Lancaster

Mental Health Services Lancaster

Recent years have shown that the prevalence of mild and serious mental illness in the general populace should be a cause of concern. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five people in the U.S. live with some kind of mental disorder. And yet, with so many suffering from these diseases, why are so few institutes helping people overcome their hardships?

As it stands, looking for help is a problem itself, as the stigma on mental illness remains in the consciousness, and with severe burdens that are unshared, the affected frequently turn to vices, such as alcohol and drugs, for a respite. Unfortunately, this only magnifies the problem at hand.

With the sole intention of helping, the New Day Rehab Centers offer all the tools you need to overcome your mental illness, as we offer the best mental health and addiction counseling in Lancaster with our passionate and well-prepared team.

Our services vary for every type of person that comes through our doors, as we wish for you to better yourself with our help. As you arrive, a physician and counselor will have a one-on-one with you to get to know you and determine alongside you what is exactly what you need.

If you seek counseling for depression, anxiety, personality disorders, or any type of mental illness, we are happy to inform you that our counselors are ready to help you in any way possible. Individual or group treatment is certified to help you achieve realistic goals and, through discipline and self-discovery, you will learn to live with yourself.

A tough situation comes to any substance addict, as the detox is a delicate process and rehab is a long journey. However, we have the most comprehensive addiction evaluation and treatment in Lancaster, as we approach you without judgment. We will meet up with you, get to know you, and then proceed with detox with you as a resident, in which all the medical attention needed will be offered around the clock, as well as counseling. Once the resident is more familiar with the building and the worst of detox has passed, he will have access to the amenities all over the facility, such as snacks, a fitness center, board games, TVs, and an art and crafts room.

The process of detox and rehab is hard on the resident. Still, it is similarly hard on their partners and family, as the resident’s behavior also affects their social environment, so we offer the greatest family and marriage addiction counseling near you to teach the resident and their loved ones how to go forward.

While the biggest step is rehab, the hardest part is reintegration into daily life. During their stay as residents, the patients will have access to the life integration program that matches the person to a job once outside and helps with legal work in case it's needed, so the moment the resident steps out, he is immediately occupied. Meanwhile, they will continue to improve with the best outpatient treatment in Lancaster, with regular check-ins and counseling.

There may be a lot of addiction therapists in Lancaster County, but none will give you the support you need to succeed. Having a mental illness or a substance addiction is battling yourself every day, and to emerge victoriously, you need human and spiritual support, so you come out a better person from the process. Contact New Day Rehab Centers for the best addiction counseling and treatment in town.

Mental Health Services Lancaster

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Mental Health Services Lancaster Mental Health Services Lancaster
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