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Riverside Drug Rehab Center

Riverside Drug Rehab Center

Nobody thinks they will get addicted to alcohol or drugs when starting. Experimentation soon turns to regular use and, with time, blossoms into dependence and addiction. We cannot fault addicts for being addicted because the substances they use are inherently addictive. We can, however, give them hope and enable them to find freedom. Here at our Riverside drug rehab center, we help people get their second chance. 

Our Facility

Hospitals and standard rehabilitation centers are cold and scary. They are far from ideal for someone who has hit rock bottom. We believe in creating an environment that encourages recovery. Our facility is, by design, be serene and comforting. It has abundant green spaces and spacious lounges ideal for people who yearn for quiet time for meditation and self-reflection. 


As the top rehab centers in Riverside, expect nothing short of extraordinary when choosing this as your recovery place. Semi-private to private rooms are available for each residing client. We offer catered meals on schedule and accept special dietary requests. A fully furnished gym is open for all clients and is accessible during the day. Trainers are present to help you adopt a fit lifestyle that will be critical in preventing relapses on your new recovery journey. 

An entertainment lounge ensures you maintain some contact with the outside world. You may watch a movie or sports and enjoy the distraction that this simple pleasure gives . If you prefer time with nature, large outdoor areas allow you unbridled views of the expansive landscape. The distant hills provide a perfect backdrop for reflection. Meditation is among the many tools that our program will teach you.

Treatment Programs

Each person struggling with alcohol and substance use disorder has a unique story to tell. We, therefore, offer custom treatment programs for each patient to address their unique circumstances, needs, dispositions, and co-occurring mental disorders. 

We evaluate at first contact. During this step, our staff gets to know you as a person and customize a treatment plan that will work for you. Like many Riverside CA alcohol treatment centers, we recommend a supervised detox to help your body systems flush out any drugs. While traditionally an uncomfortable experience, our program is designed to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms. A relaxing environment, round-the-clock staff, and pharmacotherapy make detoxification tolerable.

We offer outpatient addiction treatment in Riverside, California, for mild addiction cases. We also offer residential programs based on the findings of our initial assessment. Our inpatient programs range from two weeks to as many as six months. Our primary goal is to help you find sobriety, however long it takes.

We offer different types of therapies to enable you to find the one you respond to best. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) still forms the basis of our individual and group therapy as research has sufficiently demonstrated its effectiveness.

Our treatment program aims to equip each patient with the tools they will need to find lifelong sobriety. Our center operates as outpatient mental health centers do by offering support after the program ends. We do recommend joining community support groups as part of long-term recovery. 

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Riverside Drug Rehab Center

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Riverside Drug Rehab Center Riverside Drug Rehab Center
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