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Bridgeway Sober Living is a living arrangement that we offer to recovering addicts to help them seamlessly transition to the real world. We provide gender-specific and faith-based sober homes in Austin to help you focus on sobriety without any distractions.

The cost of living in a sober house

The cost of a sober living home isn't more than renting an average-sized apartment. However, the expenses can vary depending on where you live, the amenities, services offered, etc. On average, the rent of staying at a sober living home can range from $250 to $2,000 per month. Some private insurers offer partial and complete coverage for the cost of staying at a sober living home. There are a couple of government-funded programs that offer financial aids to recovering addicts living in a sober home.

These are safe and trigger-free environments that are cost-effective and helps you to stay focused on sobriety. We offer fully-equipped and well-maintained sober homes in Austin for recovering addicts with different levels of support based on their addiction condition.

Tips for choosing a sober living home

Choosing to live at a sober living home after treatment can make the transition from a rehab facility to the real world more smooth and easy. Make sure to consider the following aspects before choosing a sober living home:

  • Types of sober living homes - There are gender-specific homes, faith-based homes, luxury sober homes, etc. Determine the type of sober home that you wish to live in, and be sure to choose a type of home that will help you focus on sobriety without any distractions.
  • Special requests, if any - Some recovering addicts may choose to live in a sober living home with their children or spouse. There are family and couple-specific living homes with clear-cut rules to be followed by the residents for the safety of children.
  • Cost of rent and proximity to work – Choose a sober home that is close to your place of work to avoid long hours of commute. Be sure to choose a house that you can afford every month and still have extra cash to cover miscellaneous expenses.

Benefits of living in a sober living house

There are several benefits to living in a sober living home. It is a cost-effective option to stay focused on recovery and to avoid relapse. It prepares you for the real world by giving you enough time to find a job, to build a new social circle, to find a place to live, etc. Sober free homes also offer extended care in the form of 12-step meetings, support groups, etc. that can help you build lasting friendships during your stay at a sober living home.

Contact the Bridgeway Sober Living for more information on our sober homes in Austin. Our homes offer you a serene and supportive environment that promotes healing and ensures your safe transition from a rehab facility to the outside world.

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