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At Bridgeway Sober Living, we offer an upscale sober house in Austin for recovering addicts. Our sober homes can help you figure out your career, social circle, and other life goals while you live in a stress-free environment.

How long can you stay at a sober house?

Sober living homes act as a transitional living arrangement that allows you to move in after completing an inpatient rehab program for substance abuse. Sober living homes provide you with a supportive environment where you can prepare yourself for whatever awaits you in the real world. During your period at a sober living home, your focus should be on developing coping mechanisms and resilience to overcome triggers.

The period of stay at a sober house largely depends on the progress you make in recovery. Recovering addicts take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to figure out their career, living arrangement, and their social life before they leave a sober living house. A study states that the longer you stay in a sober living home, the less likely you are to relapse. Hence, if you relapsed after rehab treatment in the past, it may be best for you to stay in a sober living home for at least six months until a year. We also offer a highly rewarding extended care program to our residents at our sober house in Austin.

Insurance coverage for sober living house 

Although The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers coverage for all kinds of mental health treatments, it does not cover the cost of living in a sober living home. On the other hand, insurance coverage varies from one provider to another, check with your insurance issuer to see if they cover the cost of living in a sober home. You may, however, be able to claim for part of the cost, as most sober living homes offer ongoing treatment and therapies which do fall under addiction treatment.

At our sober living home, we offer employment assistance to our recovering addicts to help them find a stable job and establish a stable income. This way, they can cover their rent, additional expenses, and other treatment expenses. The routine flow of income can empower recovering addicts with financial independence. The financial stability can play an imperative role in leading a fulfilling and secure life after leaving a sober living home.

Choosing the right sober living home 

Sober living homes present you with a less-restrictive living environment where you can focus on sobriety. Make sure to choose a sober living house that follows a proper structure and routine. A sober house must encompass certain rules, regulations, curfews, and offer a 100% trigger-free environment.

Furthermore, make sure to see if a sober house offers physical safety, a skilled staff team, and a supportive group of recovering addicts that are ready to support one another in recovery. Contact or visit Bridgeway Sober Living to know more about our multi-level treatment program. We offer the best sober house in Austin to support you in recovery and help you attain lasting sobriety.

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