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Sober Living Fort Worth

For many people who go to drug and alcohol rehab in Fort Worth, they are leaving an unhealthy environment behind to get treatment. People's home lives, work lives, communities, relationships, and other aspects of their lives may all enable or directly contribute to the person's addiction. Individuals will put their lives on hold, incur extraordinary costs, and commit themselves to a drug rehab program for 30 - 90 days, hoping to kick their habit and get clean from drugs and alcohol. Does it make sense, then, for people who leave these environments to get help to go back to the same environments when they finish rehab? We don't think so.

This is why Stonegate Center provides sober living in Fort Worth. Sober living is a continuum of treatment, as Stonegate Center provides comprehensive drug addiction treatment from detox to outpatient and sober living. Not everyone who goes to rehab will be leaving a bad environment, toxic relationships, or jobs where substance abuse is virtually unavoidable, but many are. For those patients, we have sober living homes available to them.  

To learn more about our aftercare and sober living home, contact us by phone at (817) 993-9733.

Is Sober Living Necessary?

What's the sense of going to rehab if you're just going to go back to the same environment that you left? Please, don't be like so many others have, thinking that they are strong enough to go back to the situation they left and stay sober. No matter how strong you are, we can promise you that it will end in relapse. At Stonegate Center, we encourage our patients to do a lot of introspection before and during their stay with us. At Stonegate Center, we might not always tell you what you want to hear, but we will always tell it like it is.

Are You Willing to Make the Necessary Sacrifices?

The reason that it is so important for people in rehab and for people who are thinking about going to rehab to evaluate themselves is that many hard decisions usually have to be made by people who are going into rehab. We always tell our patients that if rehab is going to work for you, you are going to have to work your program, and you have to want your long-term sobriety more than ANYTHING else in this world. You might need to leave your home, quit your job, exit your relationship, change your phone, and leave your friends behind. Are you ready to do all of that if your sobriety and recovery depend on it?  

Take the Next Step

At Stonegate Center, we provide continued aftercare for our program graduates. Our sober living in Fort Worth is for men only, as we seek to respect gender privacy and eliminate any distractions or potential roadblocks in our patients' recovery. Sober living homes are designed to maintain some of the structure that exists during rehab and give the patient a safe place to stay where they can get some wind beneath their wings and transition back to normal life without substances.


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