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Congratulations on completing your inpatient rehab program. That is a momentous achievement! Let us assist you with the next step in your journey. Bridgeway Sober Living is here to help you learn how to adjust to life outside of the rehab center. Our sober living houses in Austin, Texas, create custom treatment plans for our members.

What to expect in a sober living facility

Sober living facilities are communities consisting of individuals at a variety of places in their sobriety. Some are fresh out inpatient rehab. Others came to the facility after a relapse or to prevent a relapse. Regardless of where you are, the expectations of each person living in the home are the same.

These homes come with rules about curfews, random drug tests, holding a job, and staying drug-free. As one re-enters the world, there are enough distractions you encounter. These rules are strict for a reason. And that reason is to help you maintain a strict regimen until you are more secure in your sobriety. These homes help you develop the structure you need and a support system. Our sober living houses in Austin, Texas, create a custom plan for you to help you create the structure you require.

Effectiveness of sober living homes

Even though sober living homes are not new, it isn’t until the last several years they started rising in popularity. Clinicians and the scientific community at large realized the crucial role they play in addiction treatment. Due to this lack of awareness until recently, there is not a large sum of data on the effectiveness rate of sober living homes.

Scientists that started studying these homes are returning with positive data. NCBI studied almost 500 residents in sober living facilities in California and discovered that 18 months after entering the home, over 70% of participants continued to maintain their sobriety.  This statistic is phenomenal, especially when you compare it to the statistic that close to 90% of rehab participants need multiple trips to maintain sobriety.

Activities for residents in sober living facilities

Activities for residents vary from facility to facility. Most facilities provide their residents with access to the following types of activities.

  • Workout classes or gym memberships
  • Meditation
  • 12-step meetings
  • Additional clinicians such as therapists
  • Group outings with their fellow residents
  • Volunteer opportunities

Check with your facility to see what opportunities and services they make available to their residents.

Difference between sober living home and inpatient rehab

Both styles of treatment do require you to live at a facility. However, at inpatient treatment facilities, you are unable to leave during your treatment, unless it is a field trip with the rehab center staff. At a sober living house, you must get a job or participate in some type of activity daily. Not only can you leave your sober living house, but you must leave the house for a few hours daily. Sober living homes provide individuals with much more freedom in their daily routines.

Contact Bridgeway Sober Living today and get started on the next step in your sobriety. We provide the best sober living houses in Austin, Texas.

Sober Living Houses In Austin Texas
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Sober Living Houses In Austin Texas Sober Living Houses In Austin Texas
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