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Once you are in recovery, lots of different things become important to you, especially people, places, and things. If you are newly sober, you need to be surrounded by a support team as well as an environment that is conducive to your recovery lifestyle. Many people find that the best way to get this is by looking into their options for a sober recovery home in Austin. These houses are just right for providing a roof over your head along with programming and meals so that you can stay on track in your journey into sobriety. 

Know Your Options

You may hear some mixed information on sober living homes and halfway houses. A sober living house is a place that supports people during their recovery by having sober surroundings and a network of roommates that are also sober. A sober living facility might also be called a recovery house, halfway house, or sober home.

  • Halfway Houses: These homes usually incorporate some sort of treatment into the residency requirements. You may also find that a halfway house is funded by the government and also has a set amount of treatment programming on a weekly basis. Some will also have stay requirements for a minimum or maximum amount of time.
  • Sober Living Facilities: These homes may vary when it comes to policies, requirements, length of stay, and programming. The overall programming might vary if the facility is nor a formal halfway house. Some of these facilities might have weekly group meetings, while others will not require any group sessions or counseling.

When looking at a sober recovery home in Austin, you need to consider where you are in terms of your journey through recovery. In some instances, extra programming might be best for you, as you are learning more about trying to stay sober. Regardless of the facility that you select, recovery housing helps to support you as you transition into sobriety and still gives you the principles of treatment. For the most part, this is what a recovering addict needs in order to maintain sobriety over the long term. 

What Are the Rules?

The rules for any sober recovery home in Austin will often vary from one to the next. However, many do have a set list of rules that must be followed by everyone. This may include things like:

  • Visiting hours
  • Cell phone use
  • Items that are prohibited
  • Where you receive mail
  • Prescription medication usage
  • Curfews
  • Smoking
  • Conduct, and more

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of entering into a sober recovery home in Austin? It is natural to have a lot of questions, but we are always here to help at Bridgeway Sober Living. We work with you so that you have the tools and support that you need to sustain your sobriety while getting back into your regular routine. For more information, you can simply fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (512) 598-4875. A member of our sober living intake staff will be available to address your concerns, set up your intake, or go over a time for you to take a tour of our facilities.

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Sober Recovery Home Austin
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