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Bridgeway Sober Living acts as a bridge to help you transition from life at a rehab facility to life in the outside world. We offer structured sober living in Austin for recovering addicts where they can stay until they get back on their feet.

What does it mean to live in sober homes?

A sober living home helps you transition from an inpatient rehab program to the outside world. It can be challenging to return home after rehab treatment, especially when you don't get the time and space to adjust to daily life. A Sober living home offers you a serene, supportive, and trigger-free environment while you take the time to figure out life. It is also a great place to practice the lessons and skills learned in rehab to lead a more fulfilling life.

A sober living home reinforces your commitment to recovery and attaining sobriety. During your stay at a sober home, you can find a stable job, build a new social life, and develop a healthy routine. It is a structured living arrangement free from stress and triggers to help you stay focused on recovery. We offer structured sober living in Austin, with 24-hour staff supervision, food, transportation, and medication supervision.

Differences between a halfway house and sober living house

Halfway houses offer comprehensive addiction treatment in a trigger-free living environment to help you maintain sobriety. On the other hand, a sober living home is for those individuals recently out of an inpatient rehab program and does not offer continued care unless you opt for it. Sober living homes have rules, and curfews, but are not too rigid with time frames. However, a halfway house may be a more structured environment with rigid rules, time frames, and policies that inmates must comply with.

Halfway houses are government-owned facilities, while sober living homes are privately-owned by rehab centers as a part of their continuing care programs. In a halfway house, you may share your living space with individuals recently out of jail. Furthermore, you do not get to determine your period of stay in a halfway house, but you have the liberty to choose your period of stay in a sober house.

Oxford sober living homes

Oxford House facilities are Level I sober living homes that are run by the residents and emphasizes peer support to be a vital aspect of recovery. In an oxford house, you do not have access to an addiction treatment program or 24/7 supervision by a clinical team. But oxford houses conduct 12-step meetings and support groups to help you stay focused on recovery. All new members undergo an interview with the current residents of the house to join an oxford house. If the new member receives an 80% vote, then that member gets to live in the house. 

More than 50% recovering addicts relapse in the first six months following rehab treatment. At Bridgeway Sober Living, we offer structured sober living in Austin for a smooth and seamless transition to ensure that you don't give into relapse after treatment.

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