Do You / Loved One Need Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Texas?

Effective alcohol abuse treatment in Texas starts with medical detox at Bridgeway Sober Living. It has been proven that the majority of alcoholics who go through detox without receiving subsequent treatment will simply return to the patterns they lived prior to treatment, which is why we highly recommend a transition from our detox program to Bridgeway Sober Living residential treatment.

As a society, we’ve been using alcohol for recreational purposes for a long time. As a result, we’ve gotten used to it so much that we now tend to see it as benign. But alcoholism poses a real danger to us and we, at Bridgeway Sober Living, continue to see its grim effects.

If you’ve been drinking for many years, and you’re now experiencing symptoms of withdrawal, you need urgent help. Our alcohol abuse treatment in Texas uses some of the most effective programs in the field, including:

The inpatient / residential program — The inpatient program relies on a full-hospitalization process, lasting between one and nine months, depending on each case. It involves constant supervision and a higher degree of control, compared to other options. It’s also the most effective in the long-term since it allows us to monitor your progress closely and adjust the treatment, depending on how you respond to it.

The First Responder and Federal Employee Program — People working in high-risk jobs show a predisposition towards drug and alcohol abuse. This tendency is related to the high levels of stress present in their work environment. Firefighters, military, paramedics, police officers, EPA, and even government workers, require special programs to accommodate their needs. The First Responder Program delivers a personalized treatment that approaches these cases differently, for a plus of efficiency.

The Outpatient Program — The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) refers to an alternative rehab treatment relying on a form of partial hospitalization. Both the Partial Hospitalization Program and the IOP work similarly: diverging from the 24/7 control of the inpatient program for more freedom, but without cutting down on the efficiency. If you can’t afford, your condition doesn’t require it or lack the time you need to enroll in an inpatient rehab treatment; the IOP is the perfect alternative for you.

Family Therapy and Support — We believe that the rehabilitation process is the result of a variety of procedures and programs. So far as we’ve been able to determine, there are no one-hit rehabilitation treatments that work in the long run. Not without involving the family in the process. The psychological support of your family is an invaluable asset when it comes to delivering a fast and long-lasting recovery.

These programs make up for just a part of our alcohol abuse treatment in Texas. If you want to find out more about it, visit our website, contact us directly, or call us (512) 598-4875, and talk to one of our experts.! Our team at Bridgeway Sober Living is waiting for you.

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