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Drug Rehab Treatment in Austin TX

Detox and residential treatment are not always enough to prevent relapse. At Bridgeway Sober Living, we offer Sober Living in Austin, TX as the best way to keep patients on track to lifelong recovery. After successfully completing an inpatient program, contact us to learn about the benefits of our Sober Living housing.

At Bridgeway Sober Living, we understand the importance of individualized care for our patients. No two addiction cases are the same, and the treatment should reflect that. We offer different treatment programs such as residential inpatient, medical detoxing, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and sober living in Austin, TX.

Who is at most risk from substance abuse?

In short, anyone can be at risk of substance abuse due to the complex reasons behind addiction. Certain types of addiction also affect different demographics. However, the prevalent reason for substance abuse seems to be mental health issues, which is why many treatment programs incorporate intensive counseling.

Teenagers with a family history of drug or alcohol use are more likely to abuse it themselves. Peer pressure is also a compelling reason for young people to start abusing substances. For adults, mental health problems usually stem from recent events that bring shock or trauma, such as unemployment, death of someone close, end of a marriage or relationship, etc.

How changes in brain chemistry lead to addiction

What we don’t see with addiction is how it changes our brains function by altering how it releases neurotransmitters. During the initial phase of consuming the drug or alcohol, it leads to a rush of neurotransmitters like dopamine, causing a pleasurable ‘high.’

As you continue to consume it, your brain will start needing higher dosages of the substance, causing the same ‘high.’ This is what makes people consume more and more of the substance to the point their consumption seems compulsive and involuntary. So, while the treatment does use types of therapy, it also needs to use medications to account for this change in brain chemistry.

What is sober living?

Sober living is a recent treatment option that drug rehab facilities offer for people who want to continue their daily routines while receiving their treatment. In the past, the predominant treatment options only included things like residential inpatient rehab. In sober living facilities or ‘safe houses,’ people live a relatively healthy life in a drug or alcohol-free surrounding with extra support for household tasks.

Sober living acts as a transitory phase between drug rehab programs and normal life, usually for milder addiction cases or towards the latter stages of recovery. Some facilities even include on-site medical care, acting more like an intensive outpatient program. If you’re looking for sober living in Austin, TX, contact us.

Rehab treatment options available

Treatment programs vary in intensity and setting to correspond to different stages in recovery. So, the very first stage would be medical detoxing, where we clean your system of the substance entirely. This involves frequent medical attention to help get you through withdrawal.

After detoxing comes residential inpatient programs, where you will be living at the rehab facility for a specific period of treatment. Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) offer the most freedom, where you continue living at home for the course of your treatment. Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) are less intensive than residential programs but more intensive than IOPs.

Are you looking for sober living in Austin, TX? Bridgeway Sober Living offers sober living support. Contact us by phone (512) 598-4875 or e-mail

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