Finding An Alcohol Recovery Center Near Me

Most of the alcohol recovery centers near me only offer one month of treatment – is that what’s called a revolving door rehab? Revolving door facilities offer the bare minimum of treatment and find patients returning for treatment over and over. You won’t find that kind of treatment at Bridgeway Sober Living – we’re here for the long haul.

Alcoholism is a significant issue. While legal, this substance is still a significant drug. It impairs lives and relationships in the same way as cocaine or opioids. A drink may seem like an escape, but the Bridgeway Sober Living understands what the impact too many can have on our lives. We seek to help our patients return to leading health and productive lives.

The Impact of Addiction

Addiction is a severe issue. As many as 13.8 million Americans experience the crippling effects of alcoholism. From health to mental problems, it is impossible to ignore the impact this disease has on the population.

Drinking to excess is devastating for those around us. We are not only a threat behind the wheel when drunk but prone to violent outbursts, scenes of desperation, and the self-destructive behavior our families find unbearable. Ignoring the impact, we have on others through our disease negates the feelings our closest loved ones share with us.

While tearing down the networks we built, alcohol also destroys us internally. Consumption to excess leads to liver disease, kidney failure, and death if left untreated. There is no excuse to treat our bodies so poorly and even less reason to harm those around us.

The combined impact of addiction devastates our lives. Binge drinking significantly increases the risk of committing violent offenses, losing custody of our children, and is tightly correlated with depression as well as homelessness.

Alcohol Recovery Centers Near Me

Recovery is not an option but a necessity. The Bridgeway Sober Living offers qualified staff ready to help. We respect every patient, taking lifestyles and habits into account. Every person is unique. Treatment requires looking at each case, finding the best way forward.

Our services extend to almost any case. For those with employment, associations to benefit organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and strong family ties, outpatient care provides expert attention to a significant problem.

Others require more intense solutions. Long term residential centers offer patients a chance to break free from their demons.

There is no need to let alcoholism consumes your life. We strive to accommodate every case. There is but one life to live.

What should I look for in alcohol recovery centers near me?

With so many sufferers, counselors and treatment options are a dime a dozen. Not every solution works. Organizations exist to ensure that a therapy provider actually helps tackle your problems.

Recovery is about learning to cope with cravings. Harsh attempts to cure addiction are not proven to succeed. Our counselors are recognized for creating a supportive environment allowing you to build useful coping mechanisms and friendly networks.

The Joint Commission on Quality Approval and Fair Care Promise recognize our services. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Treating addiction is not an option. With an impact on family, friends, the community, and ourselves, alcoholism reaches well beyond ourselves. Bridgeway Sober Living can help. Get in touch today to find out more.

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