Finding Post Op Pain Management for Recovering Addicts

BWSL offers post op pain management for recovering addicts to help avoid a relapse. If you or someone you know is in recovery and needs help with pain after surgery, call us immediately for professional intervention before taking prescription drugs. We can help you deal with pain without a relapse occurring.

Pain accompanies surgery. Post-op pain management for recovering addicts is a tricky issue. There is no excuse for using too many opioids in general, but the issue is more difficult for those suffering from the symptoms of one of America’s worst epidemics.

Post-op pain management for recovering addicts

Surgery is invasive. Incisions, implants, and repair are often necessary but trigger inflammation and can lead to pain. Doctors often prescribe highly addictive pain killers to help patients manage their problems.

For recovering addicts, the prospect of having to manage pain with prescribed substances is enough to make us want to avoid surgery. However, work, life, and well-being may require a procedure.

Counselors provide a force of good in the turbulent sea. We help patients with cravings no matter the situation and strive to ensure that you remain on the road to recovery. Helping you monitor your use of pain killers and finding alternative strategies is one of our tasks.

Can I manage pain without drugs?

Doctors may prescribe drugs that are not always necessary. This issue led to the current opioid crisis in the country. Entire counties are suffering from the burden of carrying narcaine due to over prescription.

There are alternatives to managing pain through drugs. Chiropractors and physical rehabilitation experts provide increased flexibility, decrease inflammation, and help get you back to normal without resorting to excessive use of painkillers.

Chiropractic care may provide an alternative to some surgeries altogether. Corticosteroids provide instant relief without a high while rehabilitation improves flexibility in as little as two to three weeks. Chiropractors help patients get control over their pain and can even buy enough time to build coping mechanisms for dealing with post-surgery pain.

Outpatient therapy near me

Throughout the process, your counselor can help find the best solutions to your discomfort. We help talk you through potential relapses and gain control over the use of highly addictive substances. We understand situations leading to relapse and are available to discuss any upcoming issues through outpatient care.

Outpatient care avoids the complications of long-term and group therapy. Individual sessions scheduled on your time allow you to live on your time and come in as needed. Our counselors help clients when they need it most without endangering their jobs, families, or associations.

Outpatient care near me

The Bridgeway Sober Living offers trained experts able to get and keep you on the path to recovery and management.  As a certified institution, we strive to maintain the quality and care our clients deserve.

Every case is unique, and every person has different triggers. You can control post-operation pain with the help of our outpatient counselors. We are the invisible hand allowing you to stay focused on health and positive lifestyle choices.

If you are suffering from addiction, the painkillers prescribed after surgery can be daunting. Our experts are ready to help conquer your cravings. Get in touch with us today to schedule an outpatient appointment and stay on top of your addiction. Bridgeway Sober Living can be reach by phone at (512) 598-4875  or by email at

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