Meet Our Team

Luke Carver


Luke Cade Carver is from Denver Colorado. He works for Within doing PR, Marketing, sales and coaching. He has turned the dark times of his life and made those experiences become positive in helping others through their transformation. He believes that each and every moment is beautiful, good or bad. That through each moment something can be learned. Always working on growth and ascension he humbly helps those he meets. He loves yoga, working out, breathwork, sound baths and ecstatically dancing around Austin Texas. He embodies transformation.


David Nayler


After a long career with Google, David went on to launch 4 different healthcare companies that resulted in 4 treatment centers, 12 aftercare homes, with over 60 employees. His passion and purpose is healing and expanding consciousness, and transforming the current healthcare paradigm. David lives in Austin, Tx with his partner Mariya, two children, two dogs and enjoys playing pickleball, boating, and spending time with his community & friends where they get to live together in meaningful community & friendship.

Shannon Grossman

Executive Director

Meet Shannon Grossman. In 2015, Shannon started her own personal Journey of Recovery. For the past 7 years she pivoted her interests from Business Owner and Management in the Art world for the rewarding work in Recovery.  Her calling has led her to lead a Team of other inspired  individuals to hold space for unending healing in the world of Recovery. Her passions move her forward in the day to day business acumen, as well as seeing the many miracles that happen when a client transforms. This is the real work, transformation, seeing it all unfold and being there when it happens is her true joy.

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