Our Approach

We find that most of our clients come in to recover from addiction but later realize after working with our life and recovery coaches that they also have some other maladaptive and compulsive behaviors still spilling out in their lives. Some of these may include: anxiety, depression, work addiction, codependency, anger or rage, love or sex addiction, overwhelming sense of shame, low self esteem, food or eating disorders, religion addiction or relationship issues. This, we believe, is because there is unresolved trauma from our childhood that stems from our family of origins. Our entire focus is to create a comforting, safe and nurturing environment for sober living while continuing to help our clients address the root causes of their addiction, compulsive behaviors, and process addictions.

We have made it our mission to help our clients not only make a full recovery from their addiction, but heal at the very core and emotional level to return to a sense of self esteem, wholeness, and love. Once we invest our time to do The Work, explore our family of origins and dig up the buried & repressed pain that froze us to begin with, we begin to understand our history and start the path of healing and thawing out. We can begin to restore the relationship with ourselves and begin to embrace our inherent worth, value and love getting it from within versus externally.

Call Us:

At BridgeWay, healing & recovery to our True Self is our calling, purpose and lifestyle. With 6 full time staff members & 9 house on-site house managers, we are fully dedicated, engaged and hands-on day to day for our residents. We are committed to not only helping our own clients discover and bring out their true authentic selves and restore their lives, but we ourselves our committed to the same standard by the product and services we provide. We know and understand recovery and what it takes, both by scientific study and our own experience, journey and coming out the other side. Plain and simple, we live what what we teach, and our clients feel the heart and soul behind our leadership team.

Some of the things you’ll learn at BridgeWay:

Understanding your past and getting your history straight. Naming & Identifying what happened in your family of origins gaining clarity & awareness. Digging up repressed feelings and connecting deeper with them. Grief work. Anger Work. Shame release. Discovering your true self and learning how to safely become vulnerable. Healing and releasing any carried shame, guilt or anger. Finding & developing a true relationship with a higher power that is real, deep and personal to you. Practicing Self Love, Self Care & Boundaries. Finding & discovering a healthy relationship with Your Self and rebuilding self esteem. Service & giving back. Living your own life, breaking away from enmeshed relationships. Self Sustaining & independence. Strong support & meetings. Sponsorship. Structured living. A new peace of mind. A deep embodiment of the 12 steps.  



One thing you can count on should you choose BridgeWay, is that you will have every resource, tool and a safe nurturing environment that will provide every opportunity for a full restoration and recovery. There is no other sober living in Austin that offers prime locations in the heart of downtown Austin assessable to jobs, along with all of the amenities, services and staff. We provide high Accountability with just enough structure to transition back into the real world, all while providing the tools, resources and education on how to live healthy, meaningful lives.

One final personal note from myself – People pay a lot of money for treatment and many don’t get the true attention, healing and right kind of therapy they need at the root and core level, which goes all the way back to our family of origins. At BridgeWay, while we are not a treatment center, we do provide all inclusive outsourcing methods, processes and resources that will actually focus on the core of healing. With our Hands-on approach and commitment to each individuals life, we find many of our clients get more value from these services than they do at some treatment centers. We also work closely with trusted Treatment Centers and Outpatient programs that we can refer you to should further care be needed.

Thank you for considering BridgeWay, I personally look forward to meeting you.

David Naylor, Founder