Rehabs that Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas

At Bridgeway Sober Living, we believe rehabs that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas should also provide an opportunity for all PPO plan owners to receive addiction treatment using their benefits. We proudly take all private PPO plans and make it possible to finance drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a way that bis affordable to our patients.

What You Need To Know About Rehabs That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas

In Texas, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance is accepted by most addiction treatment centers, at least to a certain level (if not full). Don’t get it wrong, it is possible to find people with a policy in this state who have got all their claims approved and still find some with denied claims. So, if you see one policy, you are yet to see more, as it doesn’t mean you can’t get your treatment program covered by insurance.

It is good to know that there are several options available for a successful and healthy recovery from addiction for anyone who is covered by BCBS in Texas. For those looking to obtain the highest level of care at the least amount of expense, here are some important things you need to know about rehabs that take Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas.

Detox Services

As part of its Federal Employment program, Blue Cross Blue Shield covers detox services which are part of inpatient professionals visits to rehabs. Basically, detoxification (detox) is aimed at adjusting the brain to get used to the lack of alcohol or other intoxicating substances in the body. Though this may lead to the development of some withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and stomach sickness, they’ll surely disappear within a few days.

How BCBS Covers Rehab

Just so you know, there are so many rehabs that take Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas. Nevertheless, it all depends on the individual’s policy. Before seeking residential treatment at a rehab, prospective patients (residents) are expected to undergo precertification as required by the company. A fee of $500 will be demanded from those who fail to go through the process. During outpatient rehab, patients are usually required to attend group and individual therapy sessions which are all covered by the insurance program. However, they will be responsible for the copay.

The Length of Treatment Covered

The rate of recovery from an addiction varies from person to person. To this end, there are other factors BCBS considers particularly when it comes to receiving private addiction treatment. Based on your amount of coverage and deductible, the association would rather choose to cover a portion of your stay than provide a set length of time.

However, you stand to enjoy a longer stay at a rehab’s facility if your chosen treatment facility tends to be more affordable. This could also be the case for those who have more coverage through their employer. It is important to note that regardless of the duration of your stay in such treatment centers, your information will surely be kept discreet by your insurance and the facility.

Benefits of using BCBS

When it comes to covering addiction treatment, there are quite a lot of benefits to enjoy from BCBS insurance policies. Depending on your selected plan, there several benefits that are available to you through this policy. Most rehabs that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas can help patients discover the range of these benefits help them select a treatment that best fits their situation. Contact Bridgeway Sober Living, we can be reached by phone (512) 598-4875 or by email at

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