• High Accountability / High Structure
  • Sign In / Sign Out
  • Mandatory morning meditation
  • Daily assigned chore after meditation
  • 2 accountability sessions weekly
  • Daily 12 Step meeting
  • Weekly contact with sponsor
  • UA and Breathalyzer testing twice a week
  • 9:00 PM curfew
  • Resident Circle Up every night
  • 3 weekly mandatory house meetings
  • Friday Inspirational Movie Night
  • Phase 1 – First 2 weeks
    • personal phones and car keys are collected nightly at 9pm and returned the following morning
  • Phase 2 – Second 2 weeks
    • Phone and car allowed
  • Medication Supervision (optional)
  • NO guests or overnight passes
  • Signed contract committing to go back to treatment if relapse
  • 3 strikes and out

Women’s High Structured Sober Living

  • Mandatory Morning Meditation
  • 24/7 Staff on the property
  • IOP w/ Sage Recovery (10 hours of therapy a week, 3 days a week)
  • Phase & Gradual Growth System
  • Transportation
  • Private Chef/ Chef Prepared meals all included
  • Beautiful 3 story home, private 3rd story deck
  • Mandatory nightly meditation Group
  • Monthly maid service
  • Many rooms come with a small flat screen TV
  • Weekly drug testing and breathalyzing
  • BridgeWay community events
  • Gym membership to the Town Lake YMCA
  • Two house meetings a week
  • Biweekly fitness training
  • Once a month trauma resolution therapy


8:30 am Arise
9:00 am Morning Meditation
9:45am Daily Assigned Chore
10:00 am

8:00 pm

Step work





Self Care

Free Time

Accountability Session

6pm Sunday Night House Dinner & Meeting
9:00 pm Curfew

Resident Circle Up

House Meeting: TH

Movie Night: FRI

House Meeting: SUN

11:00pm Lights Out, TV off

(12 am during the Weekend )


Complete this form every week and give to your house manager at Sunday night meeting


I _________________________________, promise to go back to treatment and further my care, recovery, and healing if I relapse or get discharged for a behavioral pattern that continues to show up in my life. Strikes are given for violation of any of the above policies and rules.


Accountability Sessions

Steel on Steel                Fire Circle                 Circle of Lies             Other


Date: ____________________

Signature of facilitator: ____________________


Date: ____________________

Signature of facilitator: ____________________


Daily 12 Step Meeting

*attach 12 step meeting form… get sign offs at meetings


Meeting with Sponsor

Sponsor Name__________TOPIC_________DATE_______TIME_______SIGN____________



Self Care, Therapy, Yoga, Step Work, Etc.