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At Bridgeway Sober Living we are passionate about sobriety. Our senior-level team has collectively 60+ years of sobriety and optimization. We believe in the capacity of people to not only recover, but also to heal, optimize and integrate back into Life, to become leaders. We provide additional holistic services and resources that other Sober Living environments do not. From a Mentor Network where we connect you directly with mentors in your desired field, Authentic Relating sessions, Crossfit classes, Health Club Memberships, Meditation Lounge memberships, and more, we CONNECT you! Whether our residents are continuing the work they’ve already done or are just beginning their spiritual journeys, we are here to connect you with Austin’s top optimized wellness leaders, successful mentors, and provide you with the structure, homes, staff, and support you need that this process requires.

sober living house austin tx
Bridgeway Sober Living’s detached Caswell House

About Our Sober Living Program

Our Program focuses on connection, optimization & integration. Our commitment is to provide you with support, connect you with a network and community, and accelerate your path to leadership!

  • 2 weekly house meetings
  • 2 CrossFit classes a week
  • Mens & Womens homes
  • 2 weekly house meetings
  • Walk to trails and downtown
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Fully supportive staff
  • Health club membership
ATX SOber Living

Day to Day at Bridgeway 

Recovery Support: 

All members are required to work a program of recovery with a sponsor or mentor. Suggestions about how to find a sponsor, and meeting times and locations will be provided by the facilitator. 

Our Customized Program Structure

People come to BridgeWay Sober Living at different stages in their recovery with different needs. For those reasons we have created a multi-level system to meet the client where they are in their recovery.

Program Overview  
  • Attend four recovery meetings per week
  • Find a sponsor in the first week and work a recovery program
  • Find a weekly service commitment
  • Find employment, enroll in school or obtain a volunteer position in the first 30 days
  • Attend all house meetings
  • Keep personal area neat and clean up after self in kitchen area

I do not know where i would be today without bridgeway sober living. I am very greatful for the staff helping me though my recovery 

Alisa Simpson

ATX Sober Living

Bridgeway Amenities

Life skills
Our residents gain valuable life skills. Including help with job search and further education
Pet Friendly
Dogs and cats are welcome!
Prime Locations
Located in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas
Gym Membership
Steam room, Hot Tub, & Dry sauna, Full-sized gym for basketball, volleyball & more
Maid Service
Monthly Maid Service
Airport Pickup and Dropoff
Located near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.
and more

It’s critical to choose the right sober home for yourself or your loved one. We know that the environment is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to becoming healthy. A plant will thrive in healthy soil, which is why we have an active role on maintaining a healthy and holistic environment to ensure a safe, nurturing and clean home to focus on recovery. We provide upscale holistic sober living in downtown/central Austin at the most affordable prices, and we have a full time staff along with caring house managers on-site  who are fully dedicated and engaged to serve the needs of our residents. As part of our belief and commitment to true healing and restoration, we’ve included several holistic services & upscale amenities, all inclusive in rent.

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Sober Living Located in Austin, TX



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Meet Our Staff

Bridgeway Sober Living Staff

 David is a creative entrepreneur, creator of innovative and progressive ideas that become inspiring companies, products and work cultures that ultimately promote and create change. In 2015 he left his career at Google to follow his calling in the field of addiction & mental health, a place close to home in his personal journey, going to his first treatment center at the age of 17. He has spent the rest of his life pursuing a life of healing, transformation and recovery and set out on a pursuit of finding his ultimate potential. 

David Naylor


Luke is from Denver, CO. He works on PR, Marketing, sales and coaching. He has turned the dark times of his life and made those experiences become positive in helping others through their transformation. He believes that each and every moment is beautiful, good or bad. That through each moment something can be learned. Always working on growth and ascension he humbly helps those he meets. He loves yoga, working out, breathwork, sound baths and ecstatically dancing around Austin Texas. He embodies transformation. 

Luke Carver

Public Relations Manager | Promotions Coordinator

Meet Shannon Grossman. In 2015, Shannon started her own personal Journey of Recovery. For the past 7 years she pivoted her interests from Business Owner and Management in the Art world for the rewarding work in Recovery.  Her calling has led her to lead a Team of other inspired  individuals to hold space for unending healing in the world of Recovery. Her passions move her forward in the day to day business acumen, as well as seeing the many miracles that happen when a client transforms. This is the real work, transformation, seeing it all unfold and being there when it happens is her true joy.

Shannon Grossman


Sarah began her journey of going within in 2019 and has since dedicated her time to turning her mess into her message. She finds great purpose in helping walk people through their shadow while remembering to enjoy the beauty that life offers. She believes that we all have the capacity to heal and that our healing journey can be fun and exciting when compounded with authentic connection. She has certifications as an L1Enlifted Coach, a Recovery Support Peer Specialist and is working towards a certification In Being True to You Transformational Recovery. When not working 1 on 1 with our residents or organizing fun and interactive social events for the community you will find Sarah singing loudly to herself while driving and basking in the sunshine.

Sarah Turrentine

Community Cultivator | Recovery Coach

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