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BridgeWay | Holistic Sober Living

We Are Committed to Your Sobriety

Our Admissions Counselors are Always Here for You

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Lifelong Sobriety

Through a compassionate yet firm approach, our staff help to guide individuals to stay on track in their healing and recovery. We as a staff keep a very close pulse on all of our homes to ensure the healthy family spirit and psychology of the community.


Nationally Known

Our guests benefit from our accomplished, master’s level clinicians. Our programs are well known in the industry.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Our staff truly  believes anyone can heal their life and recover to live a full, healthy – joyous-free life.


Talk to Admissions Counselors

When you contact Omega Bridgeway, you’ll communicate with an in-house Admissions Counselor.


Customized Programs

People come enter sober living at different stages in their recovery with different needs. For those reasons we have created a multi-level system to meet the client’s individual needs.


OUR Structure

We operate from a place of love and compassion yet maintain strong boundaries and standards by which we hold firmly. 


Best Locations

Ouhouses are located South Central Austin. Just blocks from Town Lake, recovery meetings, Zilker Park, The Greenbelt,  Barton Springs, coffee shops and cafe’s. 

The Omega Bridgeway Experience

At Omega Bridgeway we are passionate about sobriety. Our senior level team has collectively 60+ years of sobriety. We believe in the capacity for people to change and transition. We provide additional holistic services and resources that other Sober Living environments do not, so that our residents can either continue the core work they began at treatment or begin that work if they are just getting started on the spiritual journey.  That is why we understand that this process requires a lot of support.

Thrive in 30

  The program includes: 

Weekly Recovery Support, Job Support and Referrals to employers that Omega Bridgeway has established relationships with life skills, and more

nature Immersion

Omega Bridgeway include activities like hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, and tons of other outdoor adventures. Nature has unique and healing qualities that benefit our guests


Located Near Downtown, Weekly House Meetings, UA Testing, Monthly Maid Service, Life Skills, Recovery Support, Airport Pickup, Dog Friendly, Townlake YMCA Membership

Your New Life Starts Here

“Omega BridgeWay has gave me the safe haven to work on recovery that I am forever grateful for. The best experiences have come from the community that lives here. I have been able to make lasting and true friends here who have my back and support me. The house managers and owner provide a safe environment for me to be able to go through the necessary steps of recovery without worrying about distractions that life outside of sober living brings.” 

Brett Vasquez


YOUR SOBRIETY is Our Mission

We are Always Here For You