Jeremy Bergeron

CEO / Head Optimizer

  • About

    Jeremy is a father and an entrepreneur. Originally from Louisiana, Jeremy moved to Austin in 2011 to work with Google. That’s where he met David Naylor and the rest is history. The path to healing, transformation, and lasting impact took on a whole new meaning. Jeremy dove deep into his own healing and recovery journey in 2012 and his passion for healing trauma and integrating that healing into everyday life became his personal and professional life’s mission. He joins this amazing family at Bridgeway as we all continue to make our most beautiful work in the world.

David Naylor

Founder and CEO

  • About

    David is a creative entrepreneur, CEO and creator of innovative and progressive ideas that become inspiring companies, products and work cultures that ultimately promote and create change.

    In 2015 he left his career at Google to follow his calling in the field of addiction & mental health, a place close to home in his personal journey, going to his first treatment center at the age of 17. He has spent the rest of his life pursuing a life of healing, transformation and recovery and set out on a pursuit of finding his ultimate potential. Today, he founded what is now Omega Healthcare, a transformational healthcare organization that provides leading programs around the country in the field of treating addiction and mental health. These Programs focus on addressing not only addiction, but also core trauma, shame, compulsive behaviors, and codependency that treat the root causes. While most centers treat the primary symptoms, our programs focus on bridging the traditional Recovery 12 step approach along with treating the underlying issues and family of origins, focusing on a more whole-listic approach.

  • Lifestyle

    David lives in Austin, TX with his daughter Emily and their two golden retrievers Brewster & Lady, and enjoys being a father, reading mythology & novels, playing golf, boating, and helping others find their purpose, meaning and true path. He is currently working on a documentary film and tv series that shines a light on this growing epidemic of the millennial age and ways we may just be able to overcome it.

Dr. Shelley Clayton, PT RYT-500

Dr. Shelley Clayton, PT RYT-500 is a licensed physical therapist and yoga therapist with a combined 15 years experience working in hospitals, school systems, medical research centers, yoga studios, and private homes to connect people through western medicine and Eastern yoga philosophy. Her passions are two fold: helping people heal their relationship to themselves through their physical body, and healing external relationships through community building. She is currently based in Austin, Texas.

Heather Smith

Residential Services Manager

  • About

    I was born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi. At the age of 7, I began displaying symptoms of a neurological disorder, known as Misophonia, that causes severe psychic pain. As I grew into a young adult, also suffering from mental illness, I began searching for different ways to numb myself from what I felt was my biggest enemy: my own brain.

    Equipped with no solid coping mechanisms, I leaned heavily on drugs, alcohol, and toxic relationships to get me from period of darkness to another. For years, I sought the help of countless psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists in order to help me cage my demons. No one could question that I put up a valiant fight, yet I almost lost my life… several times. Having lost everything but the love of my parents, I committed myself to a program of recovery that not only nurtured my spiritual health but also my mental health. Today, I wake up, each day, filled with love, gratitude, and hope.

  • Lifestyle

    As a huge Mental Healthcare Advocate, I love working for Bridgeway Sober Living and Omega Recovery, because they encourage healing with a multifaceted approach. I consider it an honor and a privilege to share my experience, strength, and hope for those with similar struggles, and I hope to serve as a warm reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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