Sober Living in Austin TX Reviews


  • David’s commitment, heart and dedication to Bridgeway is what makes it all possible. Possible for all those who come to heal, to remember who they are and to step into their a life full of Peace, Love and Joy!
    Anat P.
  • David has created a peaceful space that fosters healing and abundant living for those desiring change and eager to transition. Bridgeway is the new, holistic style of sober living that focuses on the individual and provides support and tools that lead to prosperous and happier lives. Heavily recommend Bridgeway.
    Robin R.
  • David has a unique way of making everyone in his presence feel adequate, important, and worthy. I met David when I felt none of those things. He helped to restore faith in myself, God and other people. There is something powerful about feeling like you are ENOUGH and perfect just the way you are. Thank you for all you have given me.
    Lisa H.
  • I’ve known David for over a year now, from before I committed to sobriety. He was instrumental in moving me in the direction that led me to treatment and recovery. His energy is infectious, and his desire to continue growing and healing in recovery serves as a beacon of hope and light for all who come into contact with him.
    Eric B.

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