BridgeWay is known in the community as an Upscale Sober Living Home with a hands on and engaged staff. It’s also the only Sober Living located in Downtown/South Austin in the HEART of the city. Our homes are researched for their location to create a feeling of comfort and serenity, cultivating a healing space to give our residents. Once you arrive on the property, feel the peace and sense of a retreat.

Our Facility

To welcome, nurture and care for individuals and families on their healing journey to recovery, empowering their restoration & transformation from addiction through providing programs that heal the Whole Self, from a shame core to a love core, cultivating meaningful human connection, intimacy and purposeful living.

Each of our homes (both men & women’s) are designed specifically for healing and recovery, with attention going into every detail. Everything is included for our residents, from the highest quality amenities, house supplies, and holistic services. All that is needed upon entering is food and toiletries.

Our friendly staff is hands on and dedicated to each resident, helping them through their healing and recovery journey. We offer a variety of services to support our residents including:  regular community events, recovery coaching options, personal growth workshops, communication classes, and more. We are known for meeting our residents wherever they are in their recovery and work closely with them to achieve their sobriety and life goals.

We meet our residents exactly where they are in their recovery journey based on their individual needs. Our admittance process requires a pre-screen so we can ensure that the resident is a good match for our sober living environment and program. Once admitted, there is a $295 non-refundable admin fee to hold the bed, and first month required upon move in. No other deposit is required.


Our homes are ideal for individuals who want more out of life, who truly want to heal, recover and want to experience the happiness, joy and freedom they know is possible. Some of our residents have used words such as feeling stuck, trapped, depressed, angry, numb, just surviving or living through the motions. Many of our residents come into our homes after attending long term treatment care and just need a healthy environment to work their after care program, others have been sober a long time and enjoy the healthy community living aspect that BridgeWay provides. After leaving BridgeWay, our residents leave with a renewed sense of life, joy, happiness and most of all – Self Love. We believe that until we can truly love ourselves, we can’t love our Higher Power or anyone else.

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