Our Sober Living Optimization program is designed to offer added support during this critical adjustment period. Whether transitioning from a treatment center or institution, or seeking refuge from an unmanageable real-world situation, we launch you into connection with a world of support! Our program offers invaluable structure and support that can reduce the risk of relapse, increase opportunities for financial freedom, and enhance the overall quality of life of our members. We offer the best Recovery Coaches around. That’s just the beginning! You will be introduced to an entire optimized wellness community!

What is Optimization? How does your program work?

Are you interested in Entrepreneurship, Arts, Music, Stock Trading, Design, Fashion, Tech, Health, Life Coaching, Capital Raising, Nutrition, etc? We have Recovery Coaches available in different fields! We also connect you with a therapist right away and provide one therapy session as part of your program. This provides you with an opportunity to get into action right away! We have two weekly house meetings at our homes, and authentic relating sessions weekly, along with two crossfit classes weekly. This gives you an opportunity to get to know our members on a more personal basis, while providing our members a chance to stay connected. Our program focuses primarily on five key areas: recovery support, career/mentor support, health & wellness, life skills, & optimization. When you come to our program, you will live in the best location in Austin, have ability to walk and transit to downtown and all the local areas, and not be stuck way up north or south. You will have a staff that cares, and support you need.

What you can expect when you move in:

  • Get to know your house manager
  • Get to know your housemates
  • Our staff will help you set up your mentor meeting 

Our staff will help you set up your counseling session:

  • You’ll be invited to attend the authentic relating, crossfit, and meditation sessions
  • You will be given access to the health club membership

Our staff will support you to get connected to a great community here in Austin and provide you with ample support, encouragement and connections to launch your next chapter


People come to BridgeWay Sober Living at different stages in their recovery with different needs. For those reasons we have created a multi-level system to meet the client where they are in their recovery.

*All clients are enrolled in our case management program for their first 30 days.*

– Attend four recovery meetings per week
– Find a sponsor in the first week and work a recovery program
– Find a weekly service commitment
– Find employment, enroll in school or obtain a volunteer position in the first 30 days
– Attend all house meetings
– Keep personal area neat and clean up after self in kitchen area

Morning Requirements:

  • Weekdays: up, bed made, daily chore done by 10:00 am
  • Weekends: up, bed made, daily chore done by 12:00 pm

House Visitor Hours:

  • Weekdays: 4:00 to 9:00 pm
  • Weekends: 2:00 to 9:00 pm

Overnight Passes:

  • First month: no overnight passes
  • Second month: one overnight pass per week
  • Third month: two overnight passes per week


  • First month: 10:00 pm
  • After first month: 12:00 am
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