Our Outpatient Optimization Program

Bridgeway Sober Living offers a comprehensive outpatient optimization program  in Austin, Texas through 78704 Recovery.

In addition to its sober living homes in the 78704 zip code, we provide a lifestyle design and curriculum to wholeness, healing and living a life you love. Our program is more than just treating “disorders” or treating addiction, which are often merely the symptoms of deeper distress and trauma, Bridgeway Sober Living helps people to undergo a transformative evolution into a self-actualized state. A change from a stressed state, to a peaceful, whole state.

To do this takes time, but with the right support, environment and structure it can happen. Think of a cocoon for example, the Caterpillar must truly go within, with no distractions to dissolve and reconstruct. So many people are in a hurry to change decades of programming and subconscious beliefs, addictions  and trauma patterns.

Parents sometimes want their kids to hurry up, get jobs and get over their addiction. While we do believe in getting a job early on and becoming self reliant, which is one of the core pillars of our program in the ATX Mentor network, we also educate and teach you how to truly heal and do the healing and recovery work it takes to change from the inside out. We provide a program to help our clients shift into a more connected state with themselves, and which in turn will help them connect more intimately with others.

Programs We Offer:

So we have two avenues with our program, which is providing a sober home environment along with services that help you get to this healed, whole, connected state, and funding your meaning and purpose. And then we also offer a comprehensive outpatient program that is cash pay, that goes a bit deeper and is customized personally for you.

Our Basic Program



  • ATX mentor network

Personally connect with our database of mentors ranging from entrepreneurs, stock traders, executives, health practitioners, counseling practitioners, musicians, artists, and many more. Whatever your field or calling is, we match you with mentors in that field

  • 30 minute therapy session
  • Weekly breath work sessions
  • Weekly community events and gatherings
  • A Local meditation lounge subscription
  • Health club membership
  • Two weekly house meetings
  • Maid service
  • Two CrossFit classes a week with CrossFit Central

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Comprehensive Outpatient Optimization Program



This program is geared for anyone who wants to go deeper, and is highly committed to their healing and recovery journey. Essentially, it’s for those who are truly ready to put in the work!

We curated a program to provide everything for you! Everything that we as the owners of done ourselves and providing our network to package a program that gives you everything you need.

Starting with a full blood work comprehensive panel to test for everything, a supplement program, a 90 minute meeting consult with our Doctor to go over your bloodwork, healing practitioners, trauma work, counseling sessions, nutritionist, life coach, and fitness optimization trainer.

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