Bridgeway Sober Living’s Extended Care Programs in Austin, TX

Addiction is a chronic disease that tends to progress if left untreated. Even with intervention and rehabilitation, treating addiction may still require long-term lifestyle modification. If left untreated, addiction to substances may lead to unhealthy behavioral patterns, violent behavior, and mental problems.

Apart from negative effects on oneself, people who suffer from addiction can inflict pain on other people, too. They may say or do things to their loved ones that they wouldn’t have done, but for the addiction of drugs or alcohol. That is why proper—and continuous—treatment is essential.

In Austin, Texas, Bridgeway Sober Living is a well-known provider of extended care. Under our programs, you will have the time and support you need to recover from addiction well enough to go back to a more stable life.


“Extended care is a bridge that takes you from addiction to recovery. It ensures that you get from one end to another in the safest way possible, avoiding the dangers of the tumultuous water below, which could easily pull you under.”

What is Extended Care?


Once you get out of rehab, the next step is to make sure you don’t relapse. This means staying away from harmful environments filled with triggers, be they old acquaintances or locations associated with your addiction. When you’re exposed to these stressors fresh from rehabilitation, it’s easy to get pulled back in.

Extended care facilities, like the one we have at Bridgeway Sober Living, are the perfect place to maintain sobriety before fully reintegrating to the real world. In extended care programs, the internal and external factors that may be hindering your recovery process are examined. By identifying these factors, the facilitators can develop more effective tools and strategies that can help you transition into an independent and sober life.



Our Mission

Bridgeway Sober Living’s extended care facility,  gives you access to services designed to help you transition from recovery to your new life. With our staff’s experience in the extended care field and resources, you know you are in one of Austin’s safest and most capable hands.

The extended care homes at Bridgeway Sober Living are a perfect place to work through your recovery and reintegration. 


Our Vision

By providing a support structure during the most fragile time after rehab, Bridgeway Sober Living  can help minimize the chances of relapse and create an environment that facilitates reintegration into your new way of life.