Maintain Sobriety at Bridgeway Sober Living’s Treatment Houses in Austin, TX

Treatment Houses in Downtown Austin

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Recovery for the Way You Live Your Life!

Sobriety can be difficult to maintain once you’re out of a regulated rehabilitation facility. Although you may be mentally stronger and better able to resist temptation, you cannot control what people around you will do. Their casual drinking or smoking may trigger something in you and cause a relapse, pulling you back instead of pushing you forward. That is why treatment houses are a great option for your effective transition from rehab to real life in Austin, TX.

At Bridgeway Sober Living, you get to stay at a home with the best, most healing environment Austin has to offer. Each of our sober houses is designed to give you comfort as you transition from a structured rehab facility to your real-life and responsibilities.

Our upscale sober houses are gender-specific, substance-free places where you can figure out a course or direction. We have a support staff and a multi-level program that aims to help you adjust to the outside world.


For the first 30 days, you’ll be enrolled in our “Thrive in Thirty” case management program. Here, you can enjoy weekly recovery support, learn essential life skills, and get referrals to employers we’ve built relationships with over the years.

Apart from what you’ll be doing inside our sober house, we also want you to venture out and slowly reintegrate yourself to the outside world. Our homes are located in Central Austin, featuring wonderful amenities and within reasonable distance to jobs, schools, and other establishments.This proximity to different opportunities for education, employment, and entertainment makes sober living an extraordinary healing experience while you’re in recovery.

Our Mary House, Jefferson House, Bouldin House, Montclaire House, Hartford House, and Forest Avenue House are all upscale and feature different amenities you can enjoy. There’s access to high-speed internet, maid service, and washers and dryers. Our residents also have an All Access gym membership to Austin YMCA, so you can stay physically healthy, too.

Why Stay at Bridgeway Sober Living?

Sober living homes are a form of aftercare. This is a phase of the rehabilitation process that is focused on maintaining sobriety. Unfortunately, previous studies have found that around 88 to 91 percent of people who received treatment from rehabilitation centers returned to previous behavior or reported a relapse.

While you’ve come far in your recovery, one of the best ways to ensure that you stay firmly on the wagon and are ready to rejoin society is by entering a sober living home. In Austin, Bridgeway Sober Living is one of the top providers of sober living facilities.

In our substance-free homes, you can get the support you need to stay in sobriety. By living in a house with people who are going through a similar recovery process as you, you’ll be able to feel a strong sense of community. You and your peers understand each other and can create a network of support.

Establishing routines, keeping regular schedules, and practicing healthy coping skills are imperative to your transition to a life of recovery. Bridgeway Sober Living homes in Austin, TX provide you with these features and more, making them the perfect place to continue your recovery.

If you want to learn more about our sober homes, contact us at 512-598-4875.