Sober Living in Austin Texas

At BridgeWay, we believe anyone can heal their life and recover to live a full, healthy – joyous-free life. However, not everyone is ready to do the inner work necessary to heal, grow & develop. Personally, we believe it’s because of lack of understanding this process along with the time, effort & commitment it takes. Are you truly ready to take the time to go within, dig deep to understand your family of origins & history, feel repressed feelings, touch your pain, grieve the hurts within, take inventory to clean house, make the necessary amends, go through growing pains of maturity, learn the tools and apply them and take full ownership for your life? The reason why ‘they’ say it usually takes hitting bottom, is because this work is painful, and the pain of staying the same usually has to be greater than the pain it takes to change.

It is required upon moving in that an individual is ready to do their work, we know this process only works if we work it. That being said, we have a very healthy balance of freedom and structure. We operate from a place of love and compassion for all human beings yet maintain strong boundaries and standards by which we hold firmly. Before deciding if BridgeWay is right for you or your loved one, please read and understand some of our standards listed below. Our house managers are living lives of service, they have been through the process and understand the different pitfalls that happen along the way of this process. Through a compassionate yet firm approach, they are guides that help individuals stay on track in their healing and recovery. We as a staff keep a very close pulse on all of our homes to ensure the healthy family spirit and psychology of the community.


People come to BridgeWay Sober Living at different stages in their recovery with different
needs. For those reasons we have created a multi-level system to meet the client where they
are in their recovery.
*All clients are enrolled in our case management program for their first 30 days.

-Morning Requirements:

  -Weekdays: up, bed made, daily chore done by 10:00 am

  -Weekends: up, bed made, daily chore done by 12:00 pm


   -First month: 10:00 pm

   -After first month: 12:00 am

-Attend four recovery meetings per week

-Find a sponsor in the first week and work a recovery program

-Find a weekly service commitment

-Find employment, enroll in school or obtain a volunteer position in the first 30 days

-Attend all house meetings

-Keep personal area neat and clean up after self in kitchen area

-House Visitor Hours:

   -Weekdays: 4:00 to 9:00 pm

   -Weekends: 2:00 to 9:00 pm

-Overnight Passes:

    -First month: no overnight passes

    -Second month: one overnight pass per week

    -Third month: two overnight passes per week

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