Experiential Mondays – Enjoying Nature in Austin

December 5, 2018 in 12 step, addiction recovery, addiction treatment, Adventure Therapy, Austin addiction recovery programs, extended care, extended living, Intensive Outpatient Program, IOP, Uncategorized

Experiential Mondays at Omega Bridgeway include activities like hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, horseback riding, and tons of other outdoor adventures. Nature has unique and healing qualities that people have benefited from since the beginning of time. Balance is key to recovery and a healthy life.  Adventure therapy in nature helps our mind, body and soul decompress from our stressful, high-tech driven lives. Continue reading »

The Dual-Diagnosis Challenge

October 3, 2018 in 12 step, addiction recovery, addiction treatment, Austin addiction recovery programs, drug rehab, extended care, Intensive Outpatient Program, IOP

Dual diagnosis is a condition where a person is diagnosed with both substance addiction and a serious mental health problem such as an anxiety disorder, depression, or a bipolar disorder. It also goes by the names co-morbid disorders, co-occurring disorders, and co-existing disorders. They all refer to the same issue. When an individual has a co-occurring disorder, they have to simultaneously deal with both problems which makes their road to sober living and mental health much more difficult. Continue reading »

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