How Effective are Halfway Houses?

May 7, 2021 in Sober Home, Sober Homes Austin, Sober Living

Many drug and substance abuse addicts opt for residential treatment since it is a logical step, but what happens once you have completed your inpatient stay and are not yet sober? Halfway houses offer sober living for people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. They provide a supportive and structured residential program for persons considered to be at risk of failing after the treatment is over. 

Indicators of an Effective Halfway House

There are many different types of people who live in halfway houses. Whether they were put there by the court system, or voluntarily as a step to independent living, halfway houses are effective. 

They have numerous benefits which enable individuals to re-enter society. The benefits of living in a halfway house outweigh the risks. If you have been contemplating getting into one, below are some reasons why the services a halfway house may be right for you.


1. Promote Accountability and Responsibility

Halfway houses help people struggling with addiction to become accountable and responsible. They provide a place that will help individuals become sober hence gain self-responsibility and accountability.

In a halfway house, residents have to follow the rules. Among the rules is the need for the individual to get up early and leave for school or work. The homes also expect individuals to enroll in a type of 12-step program. The rent is also due at a specific time of the month. 

While these accountability measures may seem ridiculous and overbearing to some residents, they allow them to work towards their recovery journey.

2. Promote Self-discipline

Halfway homes provide individuals with a structured living environment that has rules and regulations. The home staff live in close vicinity with the residents to monitor them 24 hours a day and assist them. The regulations in place enable individuals to learn how to become productive people.

3. Peer Support

The sober living homes have people with similar problems. Living with other people who identify with your challenges, stressors and triggers help you feel supported. The residents have the freedom to discuss their progress, treatment, and lives as they share their experiences. Support from peers helps in recovering through the journey.

4. Promote productivity

Transactional living homes can be support systems on their own since they promote productivity. Individuals learn basic skills and have the opportunity to showcase them hence becoming productive members of society. Since most of the homes have recovered, they can support the individuals and encourage them not to give up.

5. Provide Healthy Environments

Halfway houses provide a healthy environment for the residents. Some people come from homes that encourage addiction and are dysfunctional. Sober living homes help those looking forward to recovering by providing them with a healthy environment free from temptations. Since most halfway houses have adopted various recovery programs, the recovery becomes even more accessible.

Final Thoughts

Halfway homes are very effective. They are a viable option for individuals who are starting their recovery journey. People from hospitalization or those discharged from treatment can also opt for halfway homes. 

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